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Spark imagination through writing 

For young writers aged 5 to 12 years


For children full of ideas who love to write, now's the chance to create your own stories and poems. You may even see your work published in a book!

  • Certificates and comments sheets for all participants

  • Champion, First Runner-Up, and Second Runner-Up trophies for each event 

  • Participants who achieve Distinction will have their writing published in the Festival Anthology

The Hotung Mills Education Foundation upholds the holistic development of young people to create well-rounded, caring, and active citizens of the world, ready to face the challenges of the 21st century.  

The English-Speaking Union, headquartered in London and New York, is an international organisation whose mission is to promote local and international friendship and cooperation by encouraging the wider use of the English language.  

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Bizibuz Parent Webinar

Ask The Expert –

Polish your child’s presentation skills

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About Hotung Mills Education Foundation

There’s something in every child that makes them brilliant.

“The most important skills I had to learn to be successful were people skills.” 

— Richard Branson

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Tatler Asia Interview

Joanna Hotung, advocate for education and the youth, on blending Asian and western learning cultures, growing up TCK and the future of education


“And will you succeed? 

Yes you will indeed! 

98 and ¾ percent guaranteed.”

— Dr Seuss


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