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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz


An extract from

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

by L Frank Baum

Little Toto, now that he had an enemy to face, ran barking toward the Lion and the great beast had opened his mouth to bite the dog, when Dorothy, fearing Toto would be killed, and heedless of danger, rushed forward and slapped the Lion upon his nose as hard as she could, while she cried out:

“Don’t you dare to bite Toto! You ought to be ashamed of yourself, a big beast like you, to bite a poor little dog!”

“I didn’t bite him,” said the Lion, as he rubbed his nose with his paw where Dorothy had hit it.

“No, but you tried to,” she retorted, “You are nothing but a big coward.”

“I know it,” said the Lion, hanging his head in shame, “I’ve always known it. But how can I help it?”

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