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Double Act

9, 10

An extract from

Double Act

by Jacqueline Wilson

If our writing’s a bit shaky, it’s because we’re doing this account in the van.

We feel shaky. Our whole lives have been shaken up.

Dad really has bought a bookshop! He didn’t even take us with him to check it out first. He went away for the weekend with Rose, and when he came back he said, “Guess what! I’ve bought a shop.”

We just stared at him, stunned. He’s been acting so crazy. Not like a dad at all. Especially not our dad.

We’re used to him saying, “Guess what! I’ve bought another box of books.”

But you don’t buy a bookshop just like that. You’re meant to hang around for months, getting it surveyed and seeing solicitors.

“It’s all simple,” said Dad. “This sweet old couple are retiring and are happy to move out straight away. If I can’t sell our own house, I’ll let it out to students for a bit. Your gran’s got her sheltered flat all worked out. Rose only rents her room, and she can shut up her stall in the arcade any time, so she hasn’t got any problems either.”

We’re the ones with the problems. Garnet and me.

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