1. Read the rules & regulations

Enrolments 報名

  1. Participants may enter through their school, learning centre, or as an individual. One application is required per participant. Application should be made through the relevant school or learning centre or online at www.hotungmills.org.

    參賽者可透過他們的學校、學習中心或以個人名義 報名參加比賽。每位參賽者必須遞交一份報名表格。 參賽者需透過所屬學校或學習中心報名,或到 www.hotungmills.org作網上登記報名。


  2. Participants may enter more than one event. Each participant may only enter the same event once.


  3. The events are only open to the ages specified. The age is determined as at 30 April 2022. Participants are required to bring a copy of their birth certificate, Hong Kong identity card, passport, or student identity card to the event to confirm age upon request.


  4. Deadline for applications is Sunday, 15 May 2022. Late applications may be rejected, and if accepted, be subject to a surcharge of 50% in addition to the event fee.


  5. Changes may not be made to allocated event dates, times, names and information about participants, unless under exceptional circumstances. Please apply by email with supporting documentation to info@hotungmills.org if a change to date/time is requested. Note that a $200 administration charge will be levied for successful changes.



  6. All participants must provide a valid email address as communication will be via email. Event confirmation, including date, time, and venue will be sent via email to each participant. The organisers will not be responsible for non-receipt of emails.


  7. All event fees, surcharges, and any other expenses incurred by participants are non-refundable under any circumstances.


  8. Substitution of competitors, and/or changing of names and/or events, is not permitted after the submission of applications.


  9. Participants who do not attend an event for any reason will be considered disqualified.



  10. Should the event be affected by external Force Majeure events, including but not limited to pandemic or government announcements, the organisers reserve the right to change the event to a video format with notice to performers.

    如果活動受到外部不可抗力事件影響,包括但不限於疫 情發展或政府公告,主辦單位保留將活動更改為影片方 式進行的權利,並會提前通知參賽者。

Performance 比賽期間

  1. Participants must perform the piece as specified for each event, and may be disqualified if the piece has been modified or changed by the participant in any way. Performance pieces are available on www.hotungmills.org.


  2. Nursery Rhyme, Verse, and Prose: The piece performed must be memorised and recited in spoken format, without melody. No props are allowed.

    Reading Aloud: The piece performed must be presented as reading aloud from the text which should be held in the hand and referred to, not memorised. No props are allowed.

    Public Speaking: Each speaker may speak for up to 3 minutes. An easel will be available should the speaker wish to display a presentation board but this is not compulsory. Cue cards are allowed and optional.

    閱讀朗誦:參賽者必須手持作品進行閱讀,作品將被印於紙張上 。請勿使用道具。



  3. Participants may perform in costume or school uniform but this will not be taken into consideration by judges when awarding marks.



  4. All participants who comply with competition rules will receive a certificate of participation showing comments and marks awarded from University of West London/London College of Music. Champion, 1st-runner up, and 2nd-runner up for each event will receive a trophy. Where there are fewer than 6 performers in an event, only one trophy will be awarded.

    所有符合比賽規則的參賽者均可獲得由西倫敦大學/London College of Music發出的證書。 而比賽的冠、亞和季軍亦可獲獎杯一座。如果比賽項目少於六名參賽者,大會只會頒發冠軍。


  5. Trophies and certificates, if uncollected after an event, may be collected in person by no later than 31 August 2022, or a courier fee must be paid for delivery. After this date, the organisers reserve the right to dispose of uncollected trophies/certificate.



  6. Judging criteria will be based on the overall performance, including clarity of speech, expressive interpretation, and communication with the audience. The adjudicators’ decisions are ­final, and no discussion related to marks or trophies awarded or comments given will be entered into under any circumstances.
    評審標準將基於整體表現,包括言語清晰,表達能力和與觀眾的溝通交流。 評審員的決定是最終決定,在任何情況下都不會對評審分數或獎項進行討論。


  7. Participants are required to arrive at the venue at least 15 minutes before their competition time and latecomers may be disqualified.

    參賽者必須在比賽前15分鐘到達場地, 遲到者可能會被取消資格。

Waivers 免責聲明

  1. The organisers reserve the right to allocate events to any date, time, physical or digital platform, and/or venue, as well as reschedule, modify, and/or cancel any of the events, dates, times, and/or venues with no compensation payable to performers, and reserve the absolute right of final decision on all matters relating to the LCM Speech Festival.                                                               主辦單位保留所有組別、比賽日期、時間、實際或網上平台和比賽地點的分配權利,並可重新安排、修改和取消任何比賽、日期、時間和地點,參賽者作賠償, 同時保留所有比賽事項的最終決定權。


  2. All participants agree to waive any and all claims that they may have against the organisers and their directors, officers, employees, consultants, agents, and representatives, and release them from any and all liability for any loss, damage, expense, or injury including fatality that they may suffer by participating in the LCM Speech Festival.