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The Sun and the Wind


The Sun and the Wind

An Aesop’s Fable

One day the sun and the wind were talking. The wind boasted, “I am stronger than you”. The sun just smiled.

“If you don’t believe me, let’s have a competition," said the wind. The sun reluctantly agreed.

Just then they saw a man wearing a jacket passing by. The wind said, “Whomever separates the jacket from the man is stronger”. The sun agreed, and asked the wind to try first.

The wind started to blow as hard as he could. The man held his jacket tightly. The wind blew harder and harder. But the stronger the wind blew the tighter the man held onto his jacket. The wind blew until it was exhausted, but couldn’t remove the jacket from the man.

Next, it was the sun's turn. At first, the sun shone very gently on the man. The man started feeling a bit warm. As the sun went on shining brighter and brighter the man felt warmer and warmer. Finally, he took off his jacket.

The sun was kind and gentle and so won the challenge.

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